This is the website operated by Ooko-Seiki Co., Ltd., a professional designer and manufacturer of measuring jigs and precision gauges.

Ltd. (OKS brand) was founded in 1935 and has a history of about 90 years. We have supported Japanese precision manufacturing mainly through our business with Japanese automobile, camera, and machine tool manufacturers.

We are able to meet the following customer challenges
1)Design and manufacture of measuring jigs and gauges
2)Precision polishing and lapping 

However, we currently manufacture only in Japan (Tochigi Prefecture) and export from Japan to customers outside of Japan.

Design and manufacture of measuring jigs and precision gauges

We design and manufacture measuring jigs and gauges exclusively for your company when standard gauges cannot be used for measurement or when you want to improve inspection efficiency.

Recently, local companies in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other Asian countries have improved their technological capabilities, and business with global companies is increasing. Such customers have been asking us,
We can make the specified parts, but we don’t know what kind of measuring jigs are needed for inspection.
Our customers require us to inspect the products with a traceable measurement method before delivery, but we don’t know how to do it.
We have received consultations like the above.
We not only manufacture products of reliable quality by utilizing the precision processing technology we have cultivated in Japan, but also design and manufacture inspection jigs that are easy to measure at the manufacturing site and deliver our products to such customers.

We have established a traceability system connected to the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA).

In particular, it is not uncommon for customers to manufacture measuring jigs and gauges for new equipment investment, often with little time to spare. As a specialized manufacturer of gauges and measuring jigs with many years of experience, Oko Seiki is not only able to deliver products of reliable quality, but also to meet such tight deadlines as flexibly as possible.

measuring jigs and precision gauges

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    Precision Grinding and Lapping

    Ooko-Seiki, a specialized gauge manufacturer, offers precision grinding and lapping services based on its precision processing and measuring technologies. Since we manufacture special products such as our customers’ original standard products, we excel at small lot processing.

    We can undertake precision polishing to the level of ±1μ of roundness, ±1μ of coaxiality, ±1μ of flatness, and ±1μ of parallelism.

    In order to ensure the required accuracy, gauges are manufactured to one-tenth of the required accuracy. For example, for a tolerance of ±1μm (micron), we manufacture to an accuracy of 0.1μm (0.0001mm, submicron)*. (*This is different from the guaranteed value.)

    Craftsmanship and experience are extremely important in precision machining, and our group of craftsmen, who have always manufactured high-precision gauges and have been working on precision with a strict eye and polishing their skills, will be able to provide you with the best service.

    We use general-purpose grinders and manual work (LAP) to achieve precision that is difficult to achieve with NC, and we carefully finish each process by repeating measurements.

    We also have a complete inspection environment because we manufacture gauges, and all machined parts are inspected in a constant-temperature, constant-humidity inspection room controlled at 20°C ±1°C.

    Precision Grinding and Lapping
    Request for Quotation(English only)

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